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Our Creative DNA

Mainstage Multimedia is a dynamic creative agency that breathes life into stories through innovative multimedia solutions. We specialize in crafting
compelling promotional videos, capturing the energy of live concerts, designing engaging e-learning projects, and building captivating websites. Our
unique approach lies in our ability to distill the essence of a brand's story and transform it into powerful marketing tools that resonate with audiences.

The Fruits of Our Imagination

Each project is a fusion of passion, innovation, and storytelling, designed to elevate brands across diverse industries.

Promotional videos
Concerts and artists
Website Design
Case Studies

Explore our case study section, where we showcase our creative agency's prowess in transforming brands and amplifying their narratives. From bespoke designs to impactful marketing strategies, delve into real-world projects that underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence.

With us, your story isn't just told—it's felt, experienced, and remembered.

Our love for creative storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. Choosing us means choosing a partner who is passionate about bringing your brand's
story to life. From the spark of ideation to the final delivery, we guide our clients through a seamless journey, ensuring every project is executed with
precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of your brand's essence.

Meet the Team

When you work with us, we become your partner. Meet the humans who are going to bring your brilliant ideas to life.

David Pichette
Creative Director | Content Producer
David Hernandez
Senior Graphic Designer
Chase Mancuso
Senior Video Editor
Michael Salazar
Senior Graphic Designer | Graphic Animator
Don Visage
Lead Videographer
Vladimir Prorok
Chief Technology Officer - Lead Developer
Darko Mitrovic
Senior Developer
Shane Sharpe
Sounds Engineer | Post-Production Editor | Sound Designer
Success Stories

Hear it from our clients as they share their experiences of our creative partnership.

John Barrows
Sales Training
James Buckley
Personal Branding
Richard Harris
Andy McIntyre
Content Creation