Our Clients

There’s no bigger name in the sales industry than JB Sales. Led by John Barrows and his team of sales training professionals, they provide training to the sales teams of the world’s top SaaS and tech companies, including LinkedIn, Google, Salesforce, and Slack. Their on-demand platform provides subscribers with unlimited access to courses, videos, webinars, podcasts, livecasts, and other tools, content, and material relevance to elevating the sales community.


With the help of MainStage, JB Sales manages a massive amount of content. We assist with creating all high-level video training courses by first meeting with their trainers to take their written course programming and re-engineer it so that it’s an effective experience via video. Then, we work one-on-one with trainers to guide them in front of the camera. MainStage manages all of their in-studio recording, editing, animation, and interactivity. The final deliverable is a perfectly packaged online course in video format, which we then load onto their on-demand platform and make accessible to their subscribers.


In addition to video production, MainStage also works with JB Sales to design their social media marketing creatives across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads. We produce their many podcasts in-house, one of which has over one million downloads, and we also create all video content for their day-to-day marketing.

Over the last few years, the technical and creative expertise of Mainstage has helped JBSales scale both the quality of our production and the capacity of the digital systems that deliver our content worldwide.

Chris Merrill
CRO - JB Sales

NATCO came to us with nearly 100 years of experience and a pristine reputation on top of it. Their success isn’t due just to the top-quality food products that they provide to Louisiana and the southern United States. It’s also the personal touch that they put on what they do — like inviting clients to stop by for a tour of their 90,000-square-foot facility, and going to visit them in-person, as well.


Looking for a complete rebrand, NATCO wanted something that perfectly harmonized their family-centric business with a more sleek and modern look. We started with brand consulting in order to develop a fully detailed action plan on how best to approach their messaging. Using this as our guide, we then developed their brand book, which included logos, brand standards, type fonts, and how to apply these various elements globally.


The website redesign came next. We focused on highlighting their story, their “why,” the facility, technology, tours, and more detail on the exact services that they provide to their clients. In wrapping up the project, we provided NATCO with sales collateral like services decks, truck wraps, letterheads, and business cards.


The end result was that NATCO now has a strong tool to expand their business and better connect with high-level clients.

"MainStage proved to be the perfect partner for NATCO Food Services. They learned to understand our history, our culture as a business and as individuals and how our business operates. The creative solutions they built combined with their hands-on expertise made our rebrand experience truly impactful and unforgettable."

Charles Schimmel
Chief Operating Officer

Kim Lundgren Associates develops sustainability programs for local communities. They partner with cities, towns, and counties around the country to create action for climate change and design equitable solutions.

When KLA is launching a new program, they rely heavily on video content to convey their message and educate local communities. MainStage spearheaded their video production efforts to film, edit, and package content for KLA to distribute to the groups they work with. We also lead the way in their graphic design to create eye-catching one-pagers, infographics, and slide decks that they can send to their community members and help them understand their efforts. Furthermore, we build proposals that perfectly convey KLA’s message and end up converting into contracts.

With supporting communities being such a huge priority for KLA, MainStage was brought on as a tech consultant at a critical stage of the build and development of their community dashboard, which KLA sells to their communities and local government sustainability professionals. This dashboard serves as a place where they can specifically show their community how they’re creating and offering solutions, relay progress, share upcoming changes, and guide people in getting involved to help them reach their goals.

"Mainstage has been a key partner for developing digital tools for our local government clients over the last three years. They create not only attractive front-end experiences, but strong template-based designs suited for every level of experience”

Kim Lundgren

Our relationship with Expedia, spanning more than six years, has taken us all around the globe. Expedia wanted to go well beyond offering customers flights and accommodations. They want to give people an unforgettable experience when they arrive at their destination. The goal then became to find a way to convey this digitally.

MainStage and Expedia came together to develop a vlogger campaign where influencers are transported to memorable destinations all over the world to film their experiences from a unique point of view. All of this marketing collateral is then sent to MainStage, where we edit and repurpose it into short clips for online distribution.

By sharing this material from the travelers’ point of view, Expedia is able to draw the eyes of millions to their city-based promotions and support local activities at their many destinations. From Dubai, London, and Miami to San Francisco, Hawaii, and Mexico, we assisted with creating destination videos that highlight the most fun activities to do across these locales.

From a corporate standpoint, MainStage additionally provides event coverage for Expedia.

DesignerLink has a very specific, concisely defined audience: interior designers. Conceived by DesignerAdvantage, an industry leader for bookkeeping and expediting services for nearly 20 years, this tool is built to help interior designers manage all the inner workings of their businesses.


Their previous app was out-of-date to the point where it was making it difficult to provide users with the experience DesignerLink had envisioned. It was long overdue for a redesign and a fresh take on its functionality.


MainStage worked with DesignerLink to first build a master list of every single one of their needs and requirements. We then set to work on wireframes, mapping out the user experience from start to finish and perfecting their UX/UI. In reengineering the platform, we created a seamless and streamlined experience allowing users to effortlessly manage their clients, products purchased, vendors, suppliers, finances, and analytics from both desktop and mobile.

"Offering a solution to such a niche audience meant that we needed a fully customized software solution. MainStage built us a platform that completely meets our needs. Our users are thrilled!”

Marc Molinsky
Founder and CEO at DesignerAdvantage, Inc.

Once upon a time, Las-Vegas based foodservice provider Freedom Meats decided they wanted to sell direct to consumer online. Thus, Blackbox Meats was formed. Freedom already knew how to provide amazing cuts of meat, as the main provider for the white tablecloth restaurants you’ll find on the Strip. Creating the technology and online presence for Blackbox would be another story.

MainStage managed the entirety of this process from top to bottom. We began by outlining and writing out a full execution plan that included a detailed list of requirements in building all the platforms. Next up, we built the backend API dashboard so that Blackbox Meats would be able to easily and efficiently manage their inventory, keep track of orders, monitor their delivery queue and users, and swiftly access their financials and analytics.

On the front end, we built a user-friendly website allowing people to add to cart, purchase, and have their orders delivered to their front door within hours. The design also included a mobile app beginning with wireframing and UI/UX and ending with the official launch on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

With the technology securely in place, we moved to their marketing and branding: logos, their new brand book, colors, messaging, copy, and digital marketing efforts such as email blasts and social media content.

As of September of 2020, Blackbox Meats surpassed $1 million in profit.

“Mainstage has helped me realize my vision of delivering high-quality, on-demand products through a custom app and technical integration with local suppliers. They have made it easy for new suppliers to join my national distribution network, and their tools give us excellent reporting and insight into our business.”

Jeff Pugh

If you want to know where the biggest tech companies in the world come together to collaborate, that would be ONUG. The Online Networking User Group, led by Nick Lippis, is a platform where top decision-makers, web developers, security experts, and other professionals share ideas and best practices to make the internet a better place.

ONUG has a big responsibility to connect all the right people, but their previous website simply wasn’t able to stand up to the challenge. With it built on WordPress with hundreds of plug-ins, ONUG tried restlessly to get their site to do what they needed, to no avail. As opposed to being their ally, their website made it difficult to host their webinars, live events, and community discussions.

Once we got our hands on it, our team built a custom WordPress template that met ONUG’s needs exactly. Running webinars and events with multiple days, sessions, speakers, attendees, and participants, while managing a consistently growing user database, became a seamless and unified process. We also manage the pre-marketing leading up to their events as well as offering their materials on-demand afterward.

Another important factor in designing ONUG’s platform was Hubspot, which they lean on heavily to grow and manage their email lists. We built their site to be API-connected to Hubspot, ultimately creating and managing incredibly robust lists of tens of thousands of subscribers.

MainStage powered the technology behind the site and streamlined the entire process to be able to accomplish any task on the website within minutes. 

MainStage has done a standout job in helping us create a new website experience for our employees as well as our community. The design, functionality and back-end administration, is scalable, user friendly and consistent with ONUG’s strategy to build a membership community around our company. The MainStage team is accessible, flexible and a true partner.

Joann Varello

As an international IP licensing company, Victory Hill develops experiences for exhibits around the world. They enlisted the help of MainStage to create a variety of promotional materials for four distinct exhibits.


For both the Avengers at Treasure Island and Hunger Games at MGM Grand, we shot, produced, and edited promotional videos. Avatar is a traveling exhibit that required, in addition to promo video production, a brand deck and pitch deck so that they could promote it worldwide. Finally, we worked with them on their traveling Jurassic Park exhibit to create promotional coloring books, a STEM guide for students, and an exhibition deck.


MainStage has also been managing their day-to-day marketing for the last four years, creating all printed and digital media, including video screens at McCarran airport and on the Strip, taxi wraps, and rolling billboards.

“The team behind MainStage is unparalleled when it comes to storytelling. We lean very heavily on the material they designed for us to educate our market and bring visitors through the door. We’re so grateful for their partnership!”

Dan Hippler
Marketing Director at Victory Hill Exhibitions

When you want to see the world from a completely different perspective, do it with Big Bus. You can find their double-decker buses in cities all over the world, with the brand making its way stateside around 2013. Don’t assume this is just another tour company. Rather, it’s the next level of exploration that helps you discover completely new horizons.


Big Bus enlisted the help of MainStage to convey the thrilling experiences they offer across Miami, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. The goal was to bring the same excitement and anticipation that their passengers feel to life through video and imagery. So, we packed up and hit the road.


Prior to working with MainStage, Big Bus branded itself as a bus tour company, aiming all their marketing at showing double-decker buses on all of their collateral. We decided to flip the script and instead focus on the enjoyment that tourists and travelers experience, building memories of a lifetime because of their Big Bus tour. In this light, they aren’t a transportation company but rather an experience company. Capturing the Big Bus experience hinged on encapsulating not just the various landscapes and destinations but also the feeling of boarding a Big Bus and experiencing it firsthand. The focus wasn’t just the cities but absorbing these cities through the passengers’ eyes.


By recording and editing short but powerful videos and fully managing their photography and giant banners to brand their footprint at tradeshows, MainStage provided Big Bus with roughly five years of marketing collateral. The entirety of their national ads, billboards, magazine ads, and other marketing and advertising materials were based on the media we captured.