E Learning

E Learning

The future of education is digital. Deliver your expertise through engaging videos and well-paced courses. Engage your students with industry-standard platforms.

There’s no bigger name in the sales industry than JB Sales. Led by John Barrows and his team of sales training professionals, they provide training to the sales teams of the world’s top SaaS and tech companies, including LinkedIn, Google, Salesforce, and Slack. Their on-demand platform provides subscribers with unlimited access to courses, videos, webinars, podcasts, livecasts, and other tools, content, and material relevance to elevating the sales community.

E-Learning - Video Production

Relias is a widely known name in the medical industry due to their expertise in skin and wound care management. They train medical professionals all over the world on the best methods and processes for treating wounds. MainStage partnered with Relias to produce a series of eight video lessons sharing their teachings, to be published on their on-demand platform.

E-Learning - Video Production - Media Consulting

SGEi offers both classroom and online learning experiences to help companies foster growth within their teams. From employee-focused training to leadership workshops, their virtual and in-person education motivates employees to deliver a better customer experience.

E-Learning - UI/UX Design - Web Development - LMS