Media Consulting

Media Consulting

Media consulting is an all-around full creative service that we offer to our clients in need of day to day media content. We work with our clients' marketing teams, content developers or other key team members and help them by creating videos, sales collateral, infographics, web support, presentations, decks, podcasts and other fun media needs that we are experts in creating.

As an international IP licensing company, Victory Hill develops experiences for exhibits around the world. Mainstage provides all marketing creatives to support exhibits such as the Avengers Station and Hunger Games in Las Vegas. We also create videos, marketing collateral and other promotional pieces to support IPs like Avatar and Jurassic Park.

Creative Services - Video Production - Graphic Design

We provide all sales and marketing material along with web design and support for NATCO's brand. We promotional videos, testimonials, and designs.

Creative Services - Video Production - Web Support

With the help of MainStage, JB Sales manages a massive amount of content. We assist with creating all high-level video training courses by first meeting with their trainers to take their written course programming and re-engineer it so that it’s an effective experience via video. Then, we work one-on-one with trainers to guide them in front of the camera. MainStage manages all of their in-studio recording, editing, animation, and interactivity. The final deliverable is a perfectly packaged online course in video format, which we then load onto their on-demand platform and make accessible to their subscribers.

Video Production - Marketing Assets - Podcast Production - E-Learning

Kim Lundgren Associates develops sustainability programs for local communities. They partner with cities, towns, and counties around the country to create action for climate change and design equitable solutions.

Tech Consulting - UI/UX Design - Web Development - Graphic Design - Video Production