Video Production

Video Production

Command attention and express your brand with high-quality videos. Our videographers are available worldwide to capture your business at its best.

JB Sales manages a massive amount of content. We assist with creating all high-level video training courses by first meeting with their trainers to take their written course programming and re-engineer it so that it’s an effective experience via video.

Video Production - E-Learning - Marketing Collateral

MainStage and Expedia came together to develop a vlogger campaign where influencers are transported to memorable destinations all over the world to film their experiences from a unique point of view. All of this marketing collateral is then sent to MainStage, where we edit and repurpose it into short clips for online distribution.

Video Production - Marketing Collateral

Big Bus enlisted the help of MainStage to convey the thrilling experiences they offer across Miami, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. The goal was to bring the same excitement and anticipation that their passengers feel to life through video and imagery. So, we packed up and hit the road.

Video Production - Media Creation - Marketing Collateral

When KLA is launching a new program, they rely heavily on video content to convey their message and educate local communities. MainStage spearheaded their video production efforts to film, edit, and package content for KLA to distribute to the groups they work with.

Video Production - Tech Consulting - Marketing Collateral