Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Well-planned development is the key to long-term scalability, stability, and competitiveness. We deliver solid programs with powerful features for both front- and back-end users.

MainStage managed the entirety of the web design and development process from top to bottom. We began by outlining and writing out a full execution plan that included a detailed list of requirements in building all the platforms. Next up, we built the backend API dashboard so that Blackbox Meats would be able to easily and efficiently manage their inventory, keep track of orders, monitor their delivery queue and users, and swiftly access their financials and analytics.

UI/UX Design - Software Wire-framing - Web Development

The website redesign came next. We focused on highlighting their story, their “why,” the facility, technology, tours, and more detail on the exact services that they provide to their clients. In wrapping up the project, we provided NATCO with sales collateral like services decks, truck wraps, letterheads, and business cards.

UI/UX Design - Web Development - Branding - Video Production

SGEi offers both classroom and online learning experiences to help companies foster growth within their teams. From employee-focused training to leadership workshops, their virtual and in-person education motivates employees to deliver a better customer experience.

UI/UX Design - Web Development

JB Sales manages a massive amount of content. We assist with creating all high-level video training courses by first meeting with their trainers to take their written course programming and re-engineer it so that it’s an effective experience via video.

Video Production - UI/UX Design - E-Learning - Web Development