Why us

While other teams follow trends, we set them.

With over 100 years of combined experience, the team at MainStage lives by three main pillars: creativity, quality, and storytelling. You have a vision, and we have the bulletproof processes to take it from concept to creation. From branding to design to technology and beyond, our in-house experts challenge themselves to build something unforgettable every single time.

Our Process

Branding. Messaging. Web solutions.
We can help.

If you are looking to update your brand, craft and new company mission and statement or have a stronger online presence, we have developed a bulletproof process that will bring any idea to a successful completion.

When a client works with MainStage, we start by deep-diving into the needs and requirements of their project. As part of that process, we gut out all the details as we educate ourselves on the challenges our clients face and the outcome of the project to find the best path to success on their deliverables.

From this detailed and defined list of requirements, we build a bulletproof plan of execution that includes a series of defined milestones tied to a robust schedule that we abide by. We set realistic expectations and never miss deadlines.

Meet the Team

We’re not strangers sitting behind computers. When you work with us, we become your partner. Meet the humans who are going to bring your brilliant ideas to life.

David Pichette
Creative Director | Content Producer
David was born to be creative. After a successful career in music and touring the world with a Grammy-nominated band, he founded MainStage and now serves as the creative director and project manager. Our fearless leader, he helps ensure that MainStage delivers a flawlessly polished project every time.
David Hernandez
Senior Graphic Designer
Serving as MainStage’s lead designer, David H has unbeatable knowledge of graphic design, UI/UX design, and animation. With a career that has taken him through industries from gaming to racing, David can expertly breathe life into any project brought to him.
Samantha Soriano
Creative Editor - Social Media Marketing
Samantha is a recent film graduate from UNLV, who has specialized in cinematography, film theory, and editing. Nothing short of a jack of all trades, she takes on many different roles in the creative process. Besides her love and passion for films and videography, she also focuses on social media marketing and content creating.
Anna Christina (AC) Visage
Creative Editor
AC is an artist and musician who attends the UNLV school of architecture. She plays guitar like Hendrix and loves to rock out. AC has many interests but thrives in the creative realm. AC likes to take risks and offer a unique perspective in the production industry based on her many interests. Her ability to grasp new skills quickly makes her eager to learn and contribute her imagination to the creative community.
Michael Salazar
Senior Graphic Designer | Graphic Animator
Michael’s imagination as our graphic designer knows no bounds. You can also find him working side by side with David geeking out on animation and UI/UX design.
Michael is into any form of visual communications. He has a fascination with the relationship and interaction between communications and emotional reaction.
He takes pleasure in the creation process and loves to collaborate with other creative minds.
Don Visage
Lead Videographer
Don has served our country as US Army 24th Infantry Division. He has been producing videos and films for eight years as a dedicated professional. Don has a keen eye for details and never misses a shot, and the final product never fails to take our breath away.
Vladimir Prorok
Chief Technology Officer - Lead Developer
You might consider Vladimir the “brains.” We call him our secret weapon. He’s been MainStage’s lead development engineer for 5 years and is intimately familiar with web, app, and API development, with a grand total of 25 years of experience as a professional full stack web and app developer. When you notice that your software runs smooth as butter, you can thank Vlad for that.
Darko Mitrovic
Senior Developer
Darko, our WordPress developer, can build websites in his sleep. His holistic approach ensures that your site will be not only easy on the eyes but beautifully functional and easy to navigate. He doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter templates but instead designs platforms customized to your needs.
Shane Sharpe
Sounds Engineer | Post-Production Editor | Sound Designer
Award winning sound engineer with a twenty-three year career in post-production and location audio production which includes mixing audio for television, feature films, indie films, documentaries, live performances, streaming, radio, podcasts, and music productions. Shane understands the expectations of supervising a project from concept to delivery and is accustomed to any and all unexpected challenges that come with the creative process.

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Sales Training
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Personal Branding
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